Cipőjóga 2011 100×100 cm

Yoga of Dressing – Nóra Soós

Price: CHF3,550.00


Young Hungarian artist, Nóra Soós, was exhibited by ide&oda in April 2012. Nóra Soós has made her name through her multi-layered, life-mirroring vibrant paintings. She creates a bold imaginary language,  with patches of colours superimposed over translucent objects and human figures. Family life, work, shopping, media – seemingly banal everyday items and situations – are explored with a fine intellectual humor and directness. You can find more information on Nóra Soós  here.

You can find a selection of her artwork (with title and size)  here.

Yoga of Dressing (2011) oil on canvas – 100x100cm